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Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177)
Initial speed: 230 m / s (BB pellets)
Initial speed: 221 m / s (Diabolo shot)
Weight: 2.18 kg Total length: 101 cm

The PCA type airgun providing the possibility of using both Diabolo shots and BBs.

The air is compressed by means of a fore grip movement based on the front hinge. Depending on the type of purpose, we can adjust the power of the airgun by multiplying the number of piston movements. The rifled barrel definitely improves range and accuracy
Thanks to the system based on a universal chamber, it is possible to use both 4.5 mm Lead Pellet shots. Balls can be placed in to the stock in order to load the 2100, the Repeater Magazine spring must be pulled back and locked into its notch to keep it in place, and then, after loading the BB reservoir in the stock of the rifle, shaking the rifle up and down or in a twisting motion until the magazine is fully loaded, and then snapping the magazine spring back into the normal position. Then, when the action is worked, the magnetic bolt automatically loads a round into the chamber. Working the action multiple times will put more ammunition into the barrel, but they will roll out of it because only the first round is magnetically held in place. , while Diabolo-type pellet shots directly to the window.
The rear sight is missing and the front sight is there but if you require to shoot with out scope you will require rear sight, also been fitted with Sound Moderator .
The classic 11mm airgun rail will allow optics to be installed for those who require more precision.

Buy the (USED)  CROSMAN 2100 Pump Action .177/BB AIR RIFLE from Tackle and Guns Glasgow

*Please note that due to the Violent Crime Act we're unable to sell Airguns, Firearms and Shotguns online. We're allowed to display the items online.
Our Price: £100.00
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