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(S/H) Shiloh Sharps 34
(S/H) Shiloh Sharps 34
(S/H) Shiloh Sharps 34
(S/H) Shiloh Sharps 34
(S/H) Shiloh Sharps 34

(S/H) Shiloh Sharps 34" Octagon Barrel Sporting Rifle 45-110

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Shiloh Sharps 34" Octagon Barrel Sporting Rifle 45-110Cal

The most revered rifle of the Old West chambered in one of the most powerful black powder cartridges captures the heart of a modern frontiersman.
Shiloh Model 1874 Made in 1992 this rifle represents a substantial investment. Therefore this unique rifle has the best of everything. For instance, the pewter forearm tip is one of the elegant touch with historical precedent.

This model has beautiful wood, colour case-hardened steel action and buttplate, fitted to the shotgun style buttstock. Not only does such a buttplate protect the wood during everyday handling, it only makes an already fine rifle more valuable.

Buy the (S/H) Shiloh Sharps 34" Octagon Barrel 45-110Cal Sporting Rifle from Tackle and Guns 
To buy a Black Powder gun in Britain you need to hold a Firearms Certificate, and to buy a shotgun you need to hold a Shotgun Certificate. Purchase must be Face to Face unless it is sent to another Gun shop (Dealer to Dealer Transfer). If you do not have a current certificate you will have to ask for forms from your local police station.
Legal Age of Purchase:18yrs.

Product Code: A977
RRP: £8,000.00
Our Price: £6,000.00
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