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ARMY R85A1 (L85A2) Airsoft SA80 AEG

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ARMY R85A1 (L85A2) Airsoft SA80 AEG Electric Blow Back with DD style front rail
An iconic Great British Standard Issue Rifle, its made of materials similar to those used in the production of live firearm. Very good craftsmanship together with a massive, tight construction and weight that closely resembles that of the original makes this replica a truly impressive sight to see.

The body was made from an embossed steel sheet, other metal parts include the outer barrel, fixed iron sights, carrying handle and magazine. The stock has a thick, rubber pad. Parts made from a reinforced polymer include the handguard, pistol grip and cheek pad.

The bull-pup design allowed for the use of a 510mm long barrel, while the replica has a total length of 790mm. Once the carrying handle has been removed, the user gains access to a top, 20mm mounting rail, dedicated for SUSAT optical sight, as in the original firearm. Inside the pistol grip is a small compartment, which can store, for example, small tools or spare batteries.

The implementation of front, 22mm RIS rail conversion kit provides a base for attachment of a wide array of additional accessories such as flashlights, tactical grips and optical sights.

Hop-up system can be regulated after the cocking handle has been pulled back. The handle remains in the rear position and can be release upon the press of a bolt-catch button. The battery is stored inside the handguard. In order to remove it, a screw needs to be removed. The battery connectors can be accessed after opening the upper flap of the handguard.

R85A2 features a Blow Back system, which sets the slide replica in motion and provides the user with increased amount of realism and brings the replica even closer to the original.

Buy the 6mm ARMY R85A1 (L85A2) Airsoft SA80 AEG Electric Blow Back from Tackle and Guns Glasgow

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